Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Zoo Trip 27th June 2013

Dear Parents and Caregivers, As part of our Action learning we will be studying Primates, specifically Monkeys. The children in Rooms 19 and 20 will be learning about monkeys and their habitats. Therefore we are planning to take the children to the Auckland Zoo on Thursday the 27th of June. We will leave school by bus at approximately 9:15am and will arrive back to Arahoe School at approximately 2:45pm. The total cost of the trip for loyalty members is $14.00 per child. The total cost of the trip for non-loyalty members is $17.00 per child. Your child will need a: • packed lunch • drink bottle • raincoat • appropriate footwear. If it is raining on the Thursday the 27th June the trip will be postponed until a later date. To ensure safety and that numbers are kept to a minimum we ask that if you are able to support us with parent help, preschoolers are not brought along. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are able to provide parent help. Free entry is provided for supervising adults (including teachers) at a ratio of 1:6, i.e. one adult to every six children. After each classes limit has been reached there will be a charge of $25.00 per adult. NB: Friends of the Zoo membership cannot be used. Kind regards ~ Nikki Watson (Room 20), Lisa Thompson and Trisha O’connell (Room 19). I do/do not give permission for my child _______________________________ to go the Auckland Zoo on Thursday the 27th of June. I am able/unable to support as parent-help. Phone Number: ________________________ Signed: _____________________________

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