Friday, June 28, 2013

Plastic 1.5l bottle

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Would you be able to bring in 1.5l soft drink bottles that have been cleaned if possible. We are going to use these next term to make fish. Above is a photo of what the fish will look like. Thank you, nikki

Poem and Dance

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Our poem this week is about five monkeys. Please read it with us at home and ask us to sing the song. Thank you, Room 20

Bella the Jump Jam Star!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Education Centre at the zoo!

Hi parents and caregivers, In the education centre today we learnt about monkeys. We saw the food they eat and also got to meet Santos and Niva. They were born in 1997 and 1998. They are very old cotton top tamarins. We also saw the zoo lady who feed them bugs. Then we asked lots of questions about monkeys. Thank you Room 20

Look at us at the Zoo!

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today at the zoo we got to see all the monkeys we have been studying. We also heard the gibbon calling his friend and got to feed the giraffes. It was a really great trip to the zoo. Thank you for all your help parents! Thank you, Room 20

On the bus ride to the Zoo!

Yay we are on the bus and heading to the zoo. We are all singing songs and having fun. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Zoo Trip: Things to remember

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Here are a few things to remember for our trip. 1. Please arrive at school by 8:45. 2. Keep school bags packed and place on room 20 mat. 3: Please bring NO book bags to school. 4: Bring a rain jacket, good walking shoes, lunch and drink bottle. 5: Have fun! See you all tomorrow. Thank you, Nikki, Lisa and Trisha

Z Z Z Z AND 1-5

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we made a letter Z book and talked about all the Z words we know. We also put the numbers 1-5 in order when they were not  in order. Well done room 20. Thank you, Room 20

Big Book: 'Giraffes Can't Dance'

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hi Parents and Caregivers, This afternoon we did gymnastics in the hall. We really enjoyed practising rolling and walking on the beam. Thank you, Room 20

Five little monkeys swinging in a tree

Hi parents and caregivers, Our poem for this week is 'five little monkeys swinging in a tree'. Here is our class practising our poem. Thank you, Room 20

Monday, June 24, 2013

Tango lesson

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we wanted to learn the tango. We didn't know what it was in our big book we read today. The sentence said 'the lions danced a tango, which was elegant and bold' from our big book 'Giraffes can't dance' by Giles Andreae and Guy Parker-Rees. Here is us dancing the tango. Thank you Room 20

Letter 'Z'

Hi Parents and Caregivers, This week we are learning about the letter 'Z'. See how many words you can find with the letter 'Z' in them. We also have the zoo trip on Thursday. Remember to pack a rain coat and good walking shoes. Thank you, Room 20

Friday, June 21, 2013

Poem for the week

Hi parents and caregivers, Our poem this week is called 'Mummy munches muffins'. We are looking at the letter M and the sound it makes in words. Thank you, Room 20

Hailie the Jump Jam star

Hi parents and caregivers, Here is Hailie our jump jam star for this week. Awesome dancing Hailie. Room 20 !

Ara Teina Assembly 21.6.13

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we went to syndicate assembly. Here are some photos and videos from the assembly. Thank you, Room 20

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Playing with play dough

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we made casey shapes out of play dough as our special treat. We really enjoyed rolling the play dough to make sammy the snake, cup, and possum tail to name some shapes. Thank you, Room 20

Finished Monkey Art

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Here is our finished art. We worked very hard on our art techniques and are proud of our finished product. Thank you, Room 20

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our monkey ears

Hi parents and caregivers, 
Today we made our monkey ears for our costumes. We will be making our monkey tails soon so we can look like monkeys for our assembly item.
Thank you, room 20

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Our big book for this week is called 'The Monkey with a bright blue bottom'. We will be completing over the week a work of art to go with the big book. Today we did collaging. Tomorrow we will glue on our flowers we made using our ICT skills on kidpix. On Wednesday we will paint our monkey and on Thursday we will colour the grass and lemur. Once all our art is finished we will display it on the wall in the classroom for all to see. With our big book we are focusing on these reading skills: Pointing to the words on the page (1-1 matching), where a sentence starts, where a sentence finishes, high frequency words, title, cover, spine, title page, back page and looking at the pictures to give us clues about what we are reading. Thank you, Miss Watson

Friday, June 14, 2013

Practising Our Assembly Item

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we practised our assembly item that we will perform in assembly week 10. We will send out a notice closer to the time to let you know when assembly is on the last day. We would love to see our parents come and watch us perform. As a class we will also be making our monkey costumes. If you have any old stockings at home it would be appreciated if you could bring them in so we can make our monkey tails. View us below practising our item. Thank you, Room 20

Look at our Jump Jam star for today!

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Can you guess who our Jump Jam star is for today? Thank you Room 20

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Monkey Banana

Hi parents and caregivers,
Today we watched an educational film about monkeys. Then we tried our monkey bananas. They were yummy. Shiloh: the banana tasted like bananas. Phoebe: monkeys like to eat bananas. Aaron: it tastes like celery. Lachlan: I eat it like pineapple. Trisha: it felt hard. Ayesha: it was soft. Hailie: it tasted like fruit.
Thank you, Room 20

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Great Shape Hunt

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we went on the 'Great Shape Hunt' around the school. We found some cool shapes on our hunt. Then we talked about how many sides the shape had and what the name of the shape was. We are looking for shapes we can find on the playground. We are learning to identify 2D and 3D shapes and say their names and how many sides they have. 12/06/13. Trisha: I found an octagon which has 8 sides. Hailie: I found a square which has 4 sides. Phoebe: I found a circle which has one continuous side. Thank you, Room 20

Ballistic Challenge Begins

Dear Parents and Caregivers of Ara Teina children, For the Arahoe School Ballistic Challenge, each child in Ara Teina has set themselves a personal goal to practise and achieve. It is the effort and amount of work applied to their practice which is the key focus for them. Therefore, sponsorship will be against the Time Challenge criteria. The practice grid included in this booklet is designed to help your child keep track of their progress. It also develops the concept that time spent at school and at home helps develop a skill or habit. The following is the template for each child’s Ballistic Challenge. Each child will identify which skill they want to practice and then they will set their own time limit for their skill. For example, on the sample template below the ‘sample’ child has ticked 3 skills they are good at, but chosen one to turn into a ‘timed’ challenge. The student’s individual copy of this Ballistic Challenge will be sent home with sponsor sheet, on Friday. Please see the reverse of this page for a copy of the Ballistic Challenge Goal Practice sheet for you to mark off at home, the times when your child practices their Ballistic Challenge Goals. Here is our Ballistic Challenge sheet, we also did story writing today about our ball skills goal. You will see these come home tonight. It would be appreciated if your child could look after this sheet till a later date. Thank you, Miss Watson

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rob the nest and Gymnastics

Hi Parents and Caregivers, This afternoon we played Rob the nest and did some gymnastics in the hall. View the videos and photos below. Aaron: I liked walking across the bridge (beam). Sanvi: I liked rolling on the mat. Hailie: I liked jumping on the mat. Phoebe: I liked wobbling on the wobbling things. Thank you, Room 20

Monkey song we are practising to perform at Assembly in a few weeks

Hi Parents and Caregivers, For the next few weeks we will be practising this monkey song and actions in class. At the final school assembly we will perform our item. Sanvi: I have to practise the monkey song. Trisha: I have to practise the dance. Below are our questions that we thought of for the zoo trip. Have a go at answering them at home too.
Thank you, Room 20

Chalkboards 11th June

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we practised our Casey the Caterpillar handwriting on the chalkboards. We are learning that Casey Shapes make up letters and what shapes make up each letter. Today we learnt the letter S, N, L, C. s: Sammy the snake, n: Short stick, tunnel, l: tall stick, c: open mouth. Thank you, Nikki

Friday, June 07, 2013

Im a Super Listener Poem

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we read our poem 'Im a super listener'. Here is us performing the poem in class. Please practise at home with us! Thank you, Room 20

Whole school Assembly

Hi Parents and Caregivers,
Today we went to whole school assembly. We got to meet Max the Pukeko who is from Travel Wise. Some children got to walk to school today with him. At school we have a walking school bus where children walk with adults to school. It was cool to meet Max the Pukeko. Then Ewan won the classroom certificate for excellence and we watched some performances. We also saw some costumes from Trash to fashion that the children had made.
Thank you, Miss Watson

Thursday, June 06, 2013


Hi Parents and Caregivers,
Today we had a lovely visitor from Awapuni School in Gisborne. Her name was Elizabeth Loudon and she is the assistant principal and junior syndicate leader of her school. She brought us in some mandarins from her school orchard to try. Here is us trying them:
Smells like: Aaron 'smells like lemon' , Lachlan 'smells fruity', Sanvi 'smells like mango', Shiloh 'it's like lemonade'. 
Tastes like: Kain 'it tastes like oranges', Phoebe 'it tastes like a mandarin'. 
Feels like: Hailie 'it's feels a little but hard', Aarav 'it feels like fruit'. 
Thank you for our yummy fruit, Room 20

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Zoo Trip 27th June 2013

Dear Parents and Caregivers, As part of our Action learning we will be studying Primates, specifically Monkeys. The children in Rooms 19 and 20 will be learning about monkeys and their habitats. Therefore we are planning to take the children to the Auckland Zoo on Thursday the 27th of June. We will leave school by bus at approximately 9:15am and will arrive back to Arahoe School at approximately 2:45pm. The total cost of the trip for loyalty members is $14.00 per child. The total cost of the trip for non-loyalty members is $17.00 per child. Your child will need a: • packed lunch • drink bottle • raincoat • appropriate footwear. If it is raining on the Thursday the 27th June the trip will be postponed until a later date. To ensure safety and that numbers are kept to a minimum we ask that if you are able to support us with parent help, preschoolers are not brought along. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are able to provide parent help. Free entry is provided for supervising adults (including teachers) at a ratio of 1:6, i.e. one adult to every six children. After each classes limit has been reached there will be a charge of $25.00 per adult. NB: Friends of the Zoo membership cannot be used. Kind regards ~ Nikki Watson (Room 20), Lisa Thompson and Trisha O’connell (Room 19). I do/do not give permission for my child _______________________________ to go the Auckland Zoo on Thursday the 27th of June. I am able/unable to support as parent-help. Phone Number: ________________________ Signed: _____________________________

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Room 20's Tuesday!

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we have had a busy day. We learnt how to write 'Casey shapes' on the chalkboards. Aaron learnt how to do: 'I learnt possum tail' and Aarav learnt: 'I learnt the tunnel'. After morning tea we learnt our poem 'Im a super listener' and read our big book 'Keep Trying' where the boy was encouraged by his father to keep trying. Phoebe says 'Keep trying, you can do it!'. We also read our small books with the teacher and then learnt all about the letter 'g'. After lunch we did geometry and learnt about 2D shapes and how many sides they have. At the end of the day we did some PE in the hall and praciced our ball skills. Thank you, Nikki