Monday, June 17, 2013

The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Our big book for this week is called 'The Monkey with a bright blue bottom'. We will be completing over the week a work of art to go with the big book. Today we did collaging. Tomorrow we will glue on our flowers we made using our ICT skills on kidpix. On Wednesday we will paint our monkey and on Thursday we will colour the grass and lemur. Once all our art is finished we will display it on the wall in the classroom for all to see. With our big book we are focusing on these reading skills: Pointing to the words on the page (1-1 matching), where a sentence starts, where a sentence finishes, high frequency words, title, cover, spine, title page, back page and looking at the pictures to give us clues about what we are reading. Thank you, Miss Watson

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