Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rainbow fish art and measurement

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today in class we made rainbow fish art. We used one finger to dip in paint and used this painted finger to make the scales on our fish. Then we glued a goggly eye and a sparkly scale. For mathematics we were learning about measurement. We measured our height on the wall and then lined up from tallest to shortest, biggest to smallest. Thank you, Room 20

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Making Plastic Recycled bottle Fish

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today in class we made recycled 1.5l bottled fish. We used old stickers and cut them up and stuck the stickers all over the bottle. Then we glued eyes on. Come and see them hanging up in our room. Thank you, Room 20

Monday, July 29, 2013


Hi Parents and Caregivers, This term we will also be learning about germs and how to stay healthy. Here are a few videos to watch about germs. Thank you Room 20 'Sneeze if you need to' How to stay healthy... with Sesame Street! How to wash your hands properly.

Letter F

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we have been learning about the letter f. We know these words have the /f/ sound. FISH, FRIEND, FARM, FOOD, FAST, FINGERS, FEET, FINN, FIVE and FRANCINE. Look at some of the work we have done today! Thank you, Room 20

Friday, July 12, 2013

Room 20s finished action learning display

Well done Room 20 for a great Monkey topic. You all followed the action learning stages and learnt a lot about monkeys. Miss Watson was so impressed with you all :). 

Monkey Performance in Assembly

Hi Parents and Caregivers, We would like to say a big congradulations to Sanvi who recieved our classroom certificate in the school assembly. Here is our video of our Monkey Performance. We did so well in front of the whole school. Thank you parents and caregivers for coming along to support us. Stage 5: Presenting, we are learning to present our information to an audience. After the show we evaluated our performance. Stage 6: Evaluation, We are learning to evaluate and assess the research process. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. See you all next term. Thank you, Miss Watson

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mataariki Show

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we went to the Mataariki performance in the hall. We got to do the dance 'Hey Mataariki' which was fun. Then we watched the Kapa Haka perform. Aaron C got up in front of the whole school and named the seven stars of Mataariki. He won a lollipop because he could name them all. Thank you, Room 20

Mataariki Parade

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we had the Mataariki Parade. We got to show off our masks in our teams. This was fun as we got to meet other children from different syndicates. Next we go to watch the teachers play games. Then in the hall we saw a cultural performance. What a fun day. Thank you, Room 20

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Fruit Kebabs

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we made fruit kebabs. We had so much yummy fruit. Thank you for all bringing in a piece of fruit. We placed one piece of each fruit on our kebab and then ate it outside in the sun. Monkeys eat yummy food!!!! Thank you, Room 20

Monkey Tails

Hi Parent and Caregivers, Today we made our monkeys tails for our performance. We used old stockings and rolled up pieces of paper. Thank you for bringing in old stockings. Now our costumes are ready for Friday. Don't forget to wear black or brown on Friday. Thank you, Room 20

Monday, July 08, 2013

Leaves and Banana Props

Hi parents and caregivers, Today we made some of our props for our performance on Friday. We coloured in the bananas and collaged the leaves. Then they were laminated and we placed elastic string to hold them on our arms. Thank you, Room 20

Friday, July 05, 2013

Rob the nest

Hi parents and caregivers, Today for sports we played Rob the Nest with Room 19. It was so much fun. We cheered on our team and had great team spirit. Well done! Thank you, Room 20

Polly Parrot Poem

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Please read the poem at home. Look for all the words that begin with P. Make  a list. Thank you, Room 20

Braden and Otto Jump Jam stars 5.7.13

Lachlan's Certificate

Well done to Lachlan who received the certificate in our Junior School Assembly. You tell our class great stories during writing time. 

Fruit Kebabs

Dear Parents, Next week Tuesday the 9th of July, Room 19 and 20 would like to make fruit skewers as part of our Topic. Please could you send an extra piece of fruit or two with your child on Tuesday morning and give it to the classroom teacher. As a treat we also plan to use a few marshmallows between the fruit. Please let your teacher know if you do not want your child to have any. Thank you very much, Miss Thompson, Miss O’Connell, and Miss Watson.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Mataariki, Fried Bread

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we made fried bread for our celebration of mataariki. We used scone mix and water. After the dough was mixed together we placed it in the fry pan with oil. The teachers did the cooking for us. Then we rolled the bread in cinnamon and sugar. Yum yum!!! Thank you, Room 20

The Story of Mataariki

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Caterpillar legs

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today in class we were learning to recognise numbers written down. We made caterpillars with legs from pegs and places a numeral in the box. The numeral matched the number of peg legs we had on our caterpillar. Thank you, Room 20

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Hi Parents and Caregivers, This week we have been learning about Matariki in class and at music. Please ask your child about Matariki and they will be able to tell you all about the 7 stars and how Matariki is celebrating and preparing the ground for the coming year. In class we have made some masks for the schools parade next Thursday to celebrate Matariki (Maori New Year). Thank you, Room 20