Thursday, June 06, 2013


Hi Parents and Caregivers,
Today we had a lovely visitor from Awapuni School in Gisborne. Her name was Elizabeth Loudon and she is the assistant principal and junior syndicate leader of her school. She brought us in some mandarins from her school orchard to try. Here is us trying them:
Smells like: Aaron 'smells like lemon' , Lachlan 'smells fruity', Sanvi 'smells like mango', Shiloh 'it's like lemonade'. 
Tastes like: Kain 'it tastes like oranges', Phoebe 'it tastes like a mandarin'. 
Feels like: Hailie 'it's feels a little but hard', Aarav 'it feels like fruit'. 
Thank you for our yummy fruit, Room 20

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  1. Dear Room 20 , I loved visiting your classroom and to see you doing your learning about casey Caterpillar and meeting your lovely teacher Miss Watson . I am going to my children your blog . Thankyou for having me in your room . I loved my morning with you. From Mrs L