Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Meeting Our Teachers for next year!

Hi Parents and Caregivers, Today we meet our teachers for next year. Some of Room 20 is going into a class with Miss Hannah Korver and Miss Imogen Macartney. The other children in Room 20 are going into a class with Miss Dana Turner and Miss Katherine Watson. Here is a little bit of information from each of the new teachers. Miss Hannah Korver: 'Welcome parents and caregivers, my name is Hannah and I'm passionate about giving students the best start to their education. Before I chose my teaching career I was involved in a School Holiday Programme, Tutor Reading and work within my community. I have been volunteering at Arahoe School for the past year while studying and I am extremely happy to be working here next year. I look forward to an exciting and prosperous year with a new class of wonderful students.'. Miss Imogen Macartney: 'Hi, my name is Imogen I have been teaching for 4 years in Year 1 classrooms. Arahoe is my second school. I enjoy all sports particularly Rugby League, Hockey and Netball. In the arts I have my Grade 8 in Flute and started dancing at the age of 2 specialising in ballet then moving on to ballroom and latin american. I look forward to teaching your children and meeting you all in the new year fresh and relaxed,'. Miss Katherine Watson: 'Hi my name is Miss Watson and I am very excited to be a new teacher starting at Arahoe Primary School in 2014! I absolutely love and enjoy teaching young children and have great enthusiasm to meet my full class next year. As well as being a teacher, I have been doing ballet for 14 years and have grown up and attended all my schooling in Auckland. I am very much looking forward to an exciting learning journey with Room 19 next year!'. Unfortunately Miss Dana Turner could not be at school today. See Below for photos of our new teachers with us in our new class. We are very excited to start a new year with our new teachers!

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