Thursday, November 28, 2013

Westlynn Gardens Trip

Today we went down to Westlynn Gardens. We had so much fun. Mia: 'I liked the butterflies.' Sienna-Grace: 'I liked the caterpillars and finding the fish.' Illinois: 'I liked going on the trip and being with Connors Mum.' Austen: 'I liked the chrysalis and the scavenger hunt.' Tao: 'I liked the caterpillars.' Shivkrant: 'I liked the plants.' Finn: 'I liked how we had to find things and walking on the footpath.' Sawyer: 'I liked the chrysalis and drawing.' Neha: 'I liked the butterflies and drawing pictures.' Michelle: 'I liked the chrysalis.' Kirah: 'I liked going on the scavenger hunt.' We had an awesome time!

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